Residential Project Management

Project management and assistance services to help you with your renovation project

Project Assistance for the DIY Home Renovator

Have a home remodeling project you are willing and able to take on yourself? Have concerns about some of the obstacles you may encounter along the way? Batch Building & Remodeling, Inc. offers Residential Project Management and Project Assistance services to help with your Do-It-Yourself home renovation projects.

Get the Help You Need While Saving On Costs

Our Residential Project Assistance services are designed essentially for those DIYers of you who can, and want, to do their own projects but could use a little professional help along the way. Here are some ways in which we could be of assistance:

  • Are you sure you want to keep the existing design/layout? Since you are putting in a lot of time, effort and expense, we could offer design/layout suggestions that may greatly improve the end product.
  • We can supply conceptual plans — a great help in specifying and selecting the products you want to use.
  • We can advise you on which products you are going to need, which may offer the best return on your investment, and which may be best suited for your particular project.
  • We can provide technical advice — rather than spending hours on YouTube looking for projects similar to yours, let us help.
  • We can provide professional contractor assistance for a part of your project, working with you to get the end product you desire.

All of your projects are different. Let us help you along the way!

For Larger Projects

If you are taking on a larger, more complicated job that requires multiple disciplines and contractors, we can provide Project Management services for the entire project, assisting and guiding you from start to finish. This represents a cost savings over hiring a General Contractor for work you can provide and do for yourself.

Consider Batch Building’s Residential Project Management service for the help you need when you need it — it’s a cost-effective means for getting your project up and running and staying on track.

General Contractor v. Residential Project Manager

What’s the difference between a General Contractor and a Residential Project Manager?

A General Contractor is in charge of your project — building and overseeing the crew hired for your job, including all subcontractors. A Residential Project Manager, on the other hand, provides help only in the areas you need it, when you need it, representing your interests and seeing that your project is completed to your specifications.

A Residential Project Manager will assist on any aspect of your project you want help with, including:

  • designs and ideas
  • technical issues
  • permits
  • subcontractor recommendations and selection
  • product and material selection

The Batch Building Residential Project Management Advantage

Drawing on his more than 30 years’ experience as a General Contractor, Tuck Batch can help you on your project, giving you access to information and experience which would otherwise be more difficult to obtain.

We enjoy working with our customers on their projects. The end result is what is most important.

Contact Tuck to see how Batch Building’s Residential Project Management services can help make your DIY home renovation project a success!

Contact Tuck About Our Residential Project Management and Project Assistance Service

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