Home Improvement Planning

Batch Building & Remodeling excels at obtaining a robust, intimate understanding of a project prior to its beginning

Assessment and Project Preparation Is Crucial

Once you decide to proceed with a project and you have secured the funds, you probably will want the project to get underway as quickly as possible. However, the initial home improvement planning stage of assessment, evaluation and preparation is critical for success. This is where Batch Building & Remodeling excels. It is this review and assessment process that sets Batch Building & Remodeling apart from other New Jersey general contractors.

For a Successful Home Improvement Project

Home construction and improvement projects necessitate thorough assessment and planning at the onset in order to be successful. Utilizing his engineering education and background, Tuck Batch reviews the location of the project, studies existing plans, creates necessary conceptual plans, and receives clarification in order to obtain an intimate understanding of the project prior to beginning the project. Just as the foundation of the building needs to be solid to support the building, the understanding of the project needs to be solid to support the successful completion of the project.

Cohesive Renovation Plans and Accurate Cost Estimates

Tuck reviews such things as the landscape setting and elevation, the structural aspects of an existing building, the appearance of the structure, the anticipated and unanticipated needs of the customer, the customer’s requirements, etc. After this review, Tuck creates a cohesive, comprehensive plan to complete the project and has the necessary information to support an accurate assessment of what the project will cost. Very rarely will there be unexpected situations that arise.

Batch Building Helps Develop Precise Conceptual Plans

Once there is agreement on the details of the project, Batch Building & Remodeling will work with you and your architect as is necessary to add all the supporting details to the plans. A sample of the type of plans Tuck puts together for his projects is below. The detail is evident.

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