Bathroom Additions (don’t recreate)

View through doorway of bathroom addition featuring a white two-drawer vanity with cabinet below an oval mirror and wall sconce.If you are interested in a new bathroom, Batch Building & Remodeling can add a beautiful bathroom to your home. Whether you desire a luxurious new bath with a spa or just require an extra bathroom in a small space, Batch Building & Remodeling are experts in bathroom additions.

A bath addition can be a great investment for your home as homeowners get almost all of their bathroom addition costs back when they sell. Besides being a smart investment decision, an additional bathroom can also enhance your quality of life. A new bathroom can be the luxurious and comfortable retreat that you have been looking for. At Batch Building, we manage all aspects of your addition.

We can help you decide if there is extra space within your house that can be used or if you need to extend the house to add a bathroom. Batch Building can advise you on an area in your home that would result in a more cost-effective installation. For instance, plumbing costs could be reduced if the new bathroom adjoins a room that already has plumbing. At Batch Building, we are here to help you create a stylish, yet affordable additional bathroom.

Picture of bathroom addition featuring wide wood sink vanity with counter top nestled next to window seat under sloped ceiling.Tuck’s engineering background is particularly useful in bathroom additions. Since bathroom fixtures tend to be very heavy, special accommodations may need to be made to handle the increased weight caused by the bathroom fixtures, especially in older homes where joists may need to be reinforced before installation of fixtures can be completed.

Picture of bathroom addition featuring dark wood vanity with black marble top against white wainscoting.There are many decisions to make when planning a bathroom addition, and Batch Building can help you decide what is best for you. Whether you decide on a fiberglass, porcelain or metal tub, single or double sinks, tile or hardwood flooring, Batch Building will be with you every step of the way to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Let the High Bridge, Hunterdon County, NJ experts at Batch Building & Remodeling help you take the next step closer to pampering yourself with the luxury of a new bathroom! Contact Batch Building & Remodeling today!